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1) What are the potential benefits of Cardio Cleanse?

When taken daily, our Cardiologist formulated supplement has been shown to promote Arterial Plaque Regression and may reduce both Cholesterol and Blood Pressure levels. The Natural Ingredients may help diminish unhealthy arterial buildup to increase cardio-related efficiency and performance.

2) Are there any side effects or risks?

There are no discernible or documented Side Effects due to short and/or long term consumption of Cardio Cleanse.

3) What are the main ingredients in Cardio Cleanse?

• Organic Honey
• Ginger Juice
• Lemon Juice
• Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
• Garlic Puree
• Ground Cinnamon

4) What is the recommended usage of Cardio Cleanse and how long should it be taken?

For best results, take Cardio Cleanse once daily for a minimum of 6 consecutive months.

5) How much Cardio Cleanse should I take?

Take one 2.5 oz bottle orally each morning on an empty stomach. Shake well before using.

6) Do you have any discounts if I buy multiple cases?

• 1 Master Pack (1/2 Month Supply) sells for $48.00 (16 bottles)
• 1 Month Supply sells for $90.00 (32 bottles = 6.25% discount)
• 2 Month Supply sells for $172.80 (64 bottles = 10% discount)
• 6 Month Supply sells for $489.60 (192 bottles = 15% discount)

7) Does Cardio Cleanse need to be refrigerated?

The purchased product is sold at ambient temperature but must be immediately refrigerated after opening to extend usability “shelf life” (36-38 degrees Fahrenheit). Max shelf life is up to 24 months if refrigerated.

8) Where can I buy Cardio Cleanse?

Cardio Cleanse is initially available via online ordering with future plans to also distribute to “Brick & Mortar” locations for walk-in purchases. Wholesale or “Bulk Buys” are also available with applicable Volume Discounts.

9) How can I tell if Cardio Cleanse is working for me?

• Consult with your Primary Care Physician/Specialist to consider a standard Blood Test and a baseline Vascular Evaluation prior to starting a Cardio Cleanse Regimen and then again 3-6 months afterward to accurately measure improvement
• A CIMT Test (Carotid Intima-Media Thickness) is the most readily available and cost effective Exam for establishing a proper benchmark
• An Angiogram and CT Scan are also viable Tests but are more involved and costly• Reminder: For best results, take Cardio Cleanse each morning on an empty stomach for a minimum of 6 months

10) What's your return policy?

If you are not fully satisfied with Cardio Cleanse, please contact us for information on the return process.

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